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CARPORTS PRETORIA manufactures and markets a comprehensive range of strong, colourful synthetic bags ideally suited for the packaging of produce such as oranges, onions, grapefruit, garlic, potatoes, cabbages, avocado pears and gem squash.

The high quality and strength of these bags make them highly suitable for providing durable support systems in the civil engineering industry and for the prevention of soil erosion when filled with sand or a stone aggregate.

Special tubes can be manufactured in a variety of mesh apertures and sizes to accommodate woodshavings and similar products.

In order to promote brand awareness and/or corporate identity for it's clients, Sakpro provides a unique labelling service. This service includes the designing and printing of labels

STEEL CARPORTS PRETORIA bags and mesh net tubing have wet strength properties, allowing for air movement in and around the packed produce to maintain freshness of products. Sunrise Steel also offers a wide range of woven polypropylene mesh bags for the packaging of various vegetables, such as onions, butternuts, pumpkins and cabbages.